A graduate of Eastman’s Arts Leadership Program, Blaire has an active interest in entrepreneurial endeavors in the musical field. Believing that musicians should discover, learn, and participate in a wide-spectrum of music-related options, she has personally explored numerous opportunities and focuses.  


To explore how non-profit organizations successfully function and remain sustainable, she has interned with and assisted in running a few music-related groups including Pegasus Early Music and Spoleto Music Festival USA. In these administrative roles, she has honed her skills in developing, marketing, financing, programming, and advocating. Currently, she resides on the Pegasus Early Music Board of Directors.


Working for Eastman’s Institute for Music Leadership (IML) since 2013, Blaire has been fortunate to assist up and coming musical leaders in their entrepreneurial education via a multitude of programs. She has assisted in developing the online Eastman Careers Leadership Certificate offered to students at other universities, organized and directed the 3-day Eastman Leadership Academy for undergraduate and graduates, and aided in getting the new Masters in Arts in Music Leadership degree program at Eastman approved by New York State. To further her goal of aiding young musicians in accomplishing musical achievements, gaining skills, and accessing resources, she teaches the Careers Course for ECMS’s summer program for high schoolers and has recently been appointed the new Eastman Career Advisor.


As an avid learner, Blaire has pursued academic research stemming from numerous interests. With the IML, she has interviewed and explored topics that current music industries face in the published series The Eastman Case Studies. As a pedagogue, she is interested in and researching how studio teachers learn to teach and what resources bassoon professors actively use in their lessons. Finally, as an explorer of hidden bassoon repertoire, she is currently in the process of transcribing and arranging pieces by Alec Wilder - a classical/jazz composer from the 1930’s-70’s - for publication.


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The Many Hats of a Musician, with Dr. Blaire Koerner

December 4, 2019, S1:E10


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Bryce is super excited for the Season 1 finale, because we finally got a musician on the podcast! Dr. Blaire Koerner completed a Bachelor's in Bassoon Performance and Masters in Elementary Education at Hofstra University before moving to Rochester.  She went on to get a Master of Music and Doctor of Musical Arts degrees in Bassoon Performance at Eastman, and now splits her time between advising at both Eastman's Art Leadership Program and the Greene Center, an adjunct faculty role at Syracuse University, and her own side projects. This season finale is a deep dive into the world of creating music as a profession, so be sure to tune in!

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Blaire K.S. Koerner, DMA

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