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Eastman Leadership Conference and Academy


Since 2018, Blaire has been the Organizer and Facilitator for two summer

programs at the Eastman School of Music that focus on professional and career



The Eastman Leadership Conference is a 3-1/2 day professional development opportunity for current and aspiring deans, associate/assistant deans, and department chairs of music schools. It provides intense study, interactive presentations, collaborative learning activities, discussion & reflection, and ongoing engagement with presenting faculty. 


The Eastman Leadership Academy is a 3-1/2 day program focusing on providing music students and young professionals workshops to develop careers that will impact their communities and the musical arts. The program is highly selected, accepting only 25 participants per year, and upon selection the participant receives a full-tuition scholarship from Yamaha. 

Eastman Leadership Conference

I am writing to express my appreciation for your career class at the Summer Classical Studies program. As a junior in high school, I was beginning to feel overwhelmed by the process of college auditions and your conversations about the admissions process, especially the meeting with Matthew Ardizzone, helped to ease my worries and guide my next steps in the college “search.” Also, I really appreciated the Career Maps that you assigned. Now I am much more aware of what it truly takes to be a professional musician: having more than one job. 


Your class not only gave me insight into the musical profession, but also into the welcoming Eastman community, solidifying Eastman’s spot at the top of my list."  Summer 2020

Arts in the Loop logo

Arts In The Loop - City of Rochester


Blaire is part of a group of community leaders, passionate about Rochester, that is gathering input to propose a vision of making Main Street a vibrant connector between the exceptional arts, civic, business, entertainment, and technology resources in downtown. Acknowledging current assets and pertinent plans (such as Roc the Riverway and ROC 2034), they hope to be a connecting thread that will help activate the Center City area. The Arts in the Loop goal is to energize Rochester’s center city by leveraging the Arts, Entertainment and Media sectors, with an initial focus on the Main Street corridor, using grassroots initiatives. Leading the research component of the initiative, Blaire assessed other medium-sized cities, culminating in a 120-page report titled Arts in the Loop: Review of Five Cities. 


Master of Arts in Music Leadership and Eastman Career & Leadership



Working for the Institute for Music Leadership at Eastman since 2013, Blaire has help to develop a variety of programs, including the creation of an online certificate and new degree. She assisted in getting these NY state-approved by researching other existing programs, determining required courses, and developing sample syllabi.


Eastman’s new Master of Arts in Music Leadership degree is a 14 month program designed for musicians who seek to lead traditional and/or non-traditional musical organizations. The program uses an integrated approach to develop and hone both artistic and managerial skills for the next generation of music leaders.


The Eastman Career & Leadership Certificate continues a young professional’s journey towards becoming a successful musician through online, synchronous courses. These classes include Career Skills for the 21st Century, Leadership Issues in Music, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurial Thinking, and Copyright & Licensing for Musicians.

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