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Faced with shifting demographics and financial stressors in the music field, The Eastman Case Studies are designed to help current and future music leaders develop skills and perspectives to solve real-world problems through situation analysis, recommendations, and discussion. Case studies, a primary teaching tool in business schools, provide narratives about a specific challenge and give students the chance to get practical experience in developing problem-solving strategies. Topics range from general subjects such as community engagement and organizational residencies to specific issues like programming and contract negotiations.


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Dr. Koerner was invited to co-author the series, becoming part of a team to research, develop and write the studies.  Since then, she has published a study in both Volumes I & II - Pegasus Early Music: Engaging Younger AudiencesRostering Break of Reality and Getting on Board with National Sawdust, respectively.

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Salary Negotiation Workshop 


As a career coach and a woman, Blaire was struck by the knowledge that women receive 82 cents for every dollar a full-time male work is paid (with an even larger gap for women of color). In Spring 2019, Blaire connected with the American Association of University Women (AAUW) - a national organization that focuses on empowering women with skills to effectively negotiate their salary and benefits by highlighting their accomplishments and finding confidence. After being trained, Blaire is now a volunteer presenter for the Start Smart & Work Smart series, guiding young individuals and seasoned professionals in negotiating for themselves in the workplace.

Gender Equity in Music Conference

Gender Equity in Music Conference


In 2020, Blaire was selected to present at Eastman’s first ever Gender Equity in Music Conference - an event focused on acknowledging issues of gender inequity in music and design strategies to address them, as well as to help participants learn skills necessary to address and change these inequities in their lives and future careers. Collaborating with Gaelen McCormick & Tierney McLean, Blaire developed the topic Moving from Barriers to Opportunities: Overcoming Stereotypes around Gender-Specific Instruments - a presentation on the issues of genderizing specific instruments and the impact it can have on beginner musicians.

Online Training for Eastman Faculty


Due to her background in online education, Blaire was selected to become part of team that assisted Eastman faculty in preparing online courses due to COVID-19. Together, the team developed training modules, held live Q&A panel discussions, and provided 1:1 coaching to Eastman faculty, staff, and teaching assistants. Topics included principles of online course design, utilizing Blackboard & Zoom tools, and understanding resources for virtual applied studio teaching.