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8 Benefits of Music for Children

BY PAULA, beauty through imperfection, August 2013

With the reduction/elimination of music education programs in public schools, there has been a significant influx of fascinating articles and graphics that speak to supporting music in childhood education and experience. As a musician, I find these reminders refreshing; helping us all remember how much of an impact music has on individual lives, thoughts, skills and interactions. Therefore, I thought it might be useful to pull some together and have them all in one place for reference.

One of my favs, due to how straight-forward and appropriate I believe the content is, (and the fact that I'm partial to the apples visual!)  is the 8 Benefits List.  

So what are the 8 Benefits?

1.  Improves Math and Reading Skills

2.  Improves Memory and Listening Skills

3.  Develops Language Skills

4.  Improves Hand/Eye Coordination

5.  Improves Focus

6.  Helps Build Confidence

7.  Helps Develop Creative Thinking

8.  Helps Develop Discipline 

Other articles include:

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20 Important Benefits of Music in Our Schools

But, of all the benefits music brings to the table, by far the most important one on my list is simply "The Joy and Pleasure" it brings.

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