Whether creating adaptable life-skills or forming a powerfully beautiful bassoon tone, Dr. Koerner's private bassoon lessons are packed with information and enthusiasm. The underpinning of her teaching relies on a balance of instrument discovery, bassoon fundamentals, reed maintenance and growing the student’s repertoire and listening skills. She also understands a student’s need to play and perform, encouraging them to bring pieces they wish to learn, to listen to cross-genre works, and learn by ear and through reading music. In her lessons, she uses motivation and relatable substance to keep students engaged and enthused. 


These practices have been an integral part of over a decade of bassoon teaching, including in her current roles as adjunct bassoon instructor for Syracuse University's Setnor School of Music and for Eastman Community Music School (ECMS). By applying these principles students have successfully navigated their way through a variety of music-related and life challenges.



Chamber Coaching


In addition to individual bassoon lessons, Dr. Koerner has coached a variety of wind chamber groups - from duets to octets. With professional chamber ensembles needing to rely on each other to guide rehearsals and improve as a group, she highlights the necessary skills in coaching sessions. Together, students work on collaborating as a team, providing constructive feedback, developing acute listening skills, and developing presentation skills to interact with audience members. Currently, she is the woodwind coach for the Music Horizons Camp for Summer@Eastman for high school musicians. She has also been the chamber coach for the ECMS honors woodwind quintet, Music for All course at Eastman, and at the Luzerne Summer Classical Music Camp in the Adirondacks.


Blaire K.S. Koerner, DMA

Bassoonist, Educator, Venturer

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