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Blaire is a founding member of the chamber group Hats + Heels, a quirky duo of bassoon and harp that focuses on storytelling. Their innovative performances are infused with a variety of art forms and technology that help us weave colorful tales ranging from comedic to heart-wrenching, educational to ludicrous, and exploratory to enlightening. Some pieces are original works for bassoon, harp, and narration/theatrics, while others have been arranged and thoughtfully paired with words, images, fashion, or movement. They aim to engage audiences through the universal intrigue of an entertaining story, while allowing space for individual interpretation and emotional expression.


As teaching artists, H+H present hands-on workshops to students of all ages, diversity and arts backgrounds, by designing interdisciplinary and engaging performances. With the mindset that performances tell a story, they coach students through the process of designing a concert - starting at the brainstorming phase and concluding with stage presence and presentation skills.

Hoping to expand their musical repertoire, H+H commission new works, encouraging a diverse group of composers to incorporate elements beyond the musical realm. In addition, the duo love to collaborate with other artists and work to think outside the box when parroting poetry, acquiring artwork, highlighting history, teaching theatrics and venturing in vogue. 

Hats + Heels has performed recitals for the Eastman Community Music School, Eastman Performing Arts Medicine, female chamber society Morning Musicale, and plan on recording our first album in winter of 2020. 

French Songs of the Season Faculty Recital

Les berceaux, Op. 23, No. 1,  Gabriel Fauré

Eastman Community Music School

Dr. Rosanna Moore, harp



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About our project:


2020 marks the 200th anniversary of Susan B. Anthony’s birth and 100th year since the passing of the 19th Amendment supporting women’s right to vote. 


In essence, it’s a year to celebrate women. With that in mind, Hats + Heels developed an all-female commissioning project. Together, we collaborated with female artists to create new interdisciplinary bassoon and harp repertoire that incorporates women-related figures, characters, topics, or ideology.


Fifty percent of the proceeds from the virtual concert goes to the local Rochester music education organization, ROCMusic Collaborative.

Hats + Heels

French Songs of the Season Faculty Recital 2019

Winter Scene - Catherine Oldfield 

Commissioned for the French Song Recital

Fall Scene - Catherine Oldfield 

Commissioned for the French Song Recital

Chants d’arrière-saison, Bernard Andrès

Eastman Community Music School, 2019



Photo by Anna Maxwell NSP Studios

Harpist and actor, Dr. Rosanna Moore, has made it her aim to combine theatre and music wherever possible. As a harpist, she plays with Ensemble Signal, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra and Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes. She was the first harpist to be a finalist at the Gold Medal Competition at RNCM, won the Stan Baker award, was a semifinalist in the Dutch Harp Competition and placed third at Tierra47’s International Pedal Harp Competition.  As an actress, she has worked as a narrator for Piccadilly Symphony Orchestra and done voice over work. Finally, as a combination of both, she has worked with trombonist/actor John Kenny, and was awarded honorable mention in the Eastman Lecture Recital Prize for her research and performance into the choreography used in R. Murray Schafer’s Crown of Ariadne.

In addition to performing, Rosanna is the new Instructor of Harp/Artist in Residence at the University of Oregon where she will teach students at the collegiate level as well as developing a community harp division and also is the Harp Instructor at Opus Ithaca. Formerly she was the Professor of Harp at Nazareth College and the Harp Instructor at the Eastman Community Music School in Rochester, NY. She was recently elected as President of the Rochester Chapter of the American Harp Society.

Rosanna completed her Doctor of Musical Arts degree with the Performer’s Certificate, an Arts Leadership Certificate and a minor in theatre at the Eastman School of Music, supported by the Eileen Malone Scholarship. Her wonderful mentors throughout the years have been Kathleen Bride and Eira Lynn Jones.

At a time when classical music is being diminished from American childhood education and experience, Dr. Blaire Koerner strives to re-enforce music's importance and availability through a variety of collaborations including interdisciplinary performances, educational initiatives, and innovative storytelling endeavors.  

A freelance bassoonist, Blaire has performed in ensembles, operas, musicals, recitals, and studio recordings. Some groups she has worked with include Ensemble Signal, Society for Chamber Music Rochester, Buffalo's Slee Sinfonietta and Syracuse’s orchestra Symphoria. She belongs to the Eastman Community Music School faculty wind quintet and plays in a variety of chamber settings focusing on outreach and community engagement. 

In addition, Blaire has performed internationally in Austria, Italy, Germany, France, and Switzerland with American Music Abroad and the contemporary soundSCAPE Festival.

A seasoned bassoon teacher and chamber coach, Koerner works with musicians of all ages and experience levels. Currently, she is the bassoon instructor at Syracuse University's Setnor School of Music. Since 2015, she has taught at the Eastman Community Music School (ECMS) as both bassoon teacher and coach for the Honors Wind Quintet and, more recently, New Horizons wind chamber groups. In 2016, she received the Jack L. Frank Award for Excellence in Teaching from ECMS. 

Blaire completed her Doctorate of Musical Arts Degree from the Eastman School of Music with an Advanced Certificate in Collegiate Teaching.

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