As an educator, Dr. Koerner sees herself as a guide - providing information, tools, and resources in an engaging manner that best fits each individual student. Part of her philosophy of teaching includes smiles, laughter, and joy in learning.  Having been most fortunate throughout her life and education to have several incredible mentors, Dr. Koerner hopes that she will offer the same life-long support to her own students.


A key component of her teaching style is the overarching goal of building self-sufficiency and independence in her students. A firm believer that learning is a never-ending process, she strives to give her students the skills necessary to become their own teachers.  To accomplish this, her lessons and discussions include setting individual goals, determining learning outcomes, asking critical-thinking questions, and directing student self-assessment.  


To better implement her philosophy and teaching goals, Dr. Koerner obtained a Masters in Elementary Education, with New York State Certification, and crafted an individualized certificate program at Eastman focusing on College Music Teaching.

Blaire K.S. Koerner, DMA

Bassoonist, Educator, Venturer

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Blaire K.S. Koerner