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"Through my bassoon teaching, I strive to provide a sense of community. Oftentimes, young bassoonists find themselves alone in their section and have little familiarity with the instrument prior to starting their double-reed journey. Together, we explore the opportunities to connect with other players, listen to repertoire that demonstrate the power of the instrument, and discover fantastic professionals who have changed the landscape of the bassoon."

A key component of Dr. Koerner's teaching is the overarching mission of building self-sufficiency and independence in her students. A firm believer that learning is a never-ending, life-long process, she strives to give her students the skills necessary to become their own teachers. Her lessons and discussions include setting individual goals, determining outcomes, asking critical-thinking questions, directing student self-assessment, ultimately amassing a wealth of resources and connections.


These teaching practices have been integral to Dr. Koerner’s bassoon teaching for over a decade. Be it younger students, college-level or practicing adults, as adjunct bassoon instructor for Syracuse University's for Setnor School of Music, and instructor at the Eastman Community Music School (ECMS), Blaire encourages, guides, counsels and assists her students in every way she can.


In her chamber coachings, Dr. Koerner emphasizes the need for players to collaborate and rely on one another to guide rehearsals and improve as a group, focusing on providing constructive feedback, and developing acute listening skills. She has coached the ECMS Honors Wind Quintet, wind chamber groups for the Summer Classical Studies Camp at Summer@Eastman, and New Horizon chamber ensembles for adults.

Syracuse Bassoon Student

“I loved that we started the year by discussing what I wanted to learn about. It made the entire experience feel like my choice in my education. Many times, that element feels kind of lost, but in our lessons, I always felt that I was gaining knowledge in things I needed to learn in terms of bassoon and things that I wanted to learn, especially in reed making.”

Eastman Community Music

School Student

"Blaire is awesome! I Ioved interacting with her and I always looked forward to talking with her during our office hours! She really helped me understand something when I wasn’t always getting it."

Honors Wind Quintet Member

“I just wanted to thank you for helping me with my applications for colleges. I have been accepted at Eastman, Juilliard, and Curtis!! I also wanted to thank you for all the guidance you provided in quintet rehearsals, and for sticking it out no matter how obnoxious we were… It was a blast and I really miss it!”

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