Career Coach

College Level


Eastman & Greene Center Career Advisor


Blaire is the Career Advisor for Eastman’s Office of Careers and Professional Development and the University of Rochester’s Gwen M. Greene Career and Internship Center.  As an advisor, she is part of a comprehensive team focused on providing resources and guidance while identifying the skills needed for students entering into a wide-variety of arts and cultural fields. Offering one-on-one sessions and class presentations, Blaire assists students in career exploration, developing professional documents, practicing how to interview and discovering professional development opportunities. 

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“I just want to thank you for your help from the beginning of my senior year till now and even in the future. Your advice for graduate school, working, and starting a company are so helpful that I really don’t know how I can could have gotten them from anyone else! Thank you.”

University of Rochester alumni, 2020

Eastman Adjunct Faculty 


The final course for Eastman’s Masters of Art’s in Music Leadership is the cumulative Capstone Internship. During the summer, students intern with a non-profit music organization for 200+ hours. As adjunct faculty, Blaire oversees this experiential opportunity, guiding students on preparing to be an intern, reflecting on their experiences, discussing how to handle challenges, and transitioning them into the music field as they complete the program.

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Eastman Leadership Academy


Blaire is a presenter at Eastman’s 3-1/2 day summer program that focuses on providing music students and young professionals workshops to develop careers that will impact their communities and the musical arts. In addition to having interactive presentation on Diverse Musician’s Careers, she also offers 1:1 advising through-out the program.


“The Eastman Leadership Academy was one of the most inspiring learning experiences I’ve had. The instructors were of an incredibly high quality and the topics were profoundly relevant. I am leaving the academy with renewed hope for the future of Arts Leadership, and the knowledge that there are incredible people to collaborate with in this field.”

Eastman Leadership Academy Attendee, 2020

High School Level


Summer Classical Studies - Eastman Community Music School


In addition to teaching bassoon and woodwind chamber groups, Blaire instructs the Careers Class at the Summer Classical Studies - an intensive 3-week camp for high school students held at Eastman School of Music. This required class, occurring twice a week, provides an opportunity for the high-schools participants to not only learn about opportunities in music, but to interview professional musicians in various fields. 

“I wanted to send you a short follow-up note after the completion of the Summer Classical Studies program by our daughter. She thoroughly enjoyed the program, was very challenged, and learned an incredible amount. As a parent, we absolutely loved the career sessions that were conducted and saw that she was very excited by the speakers and exercises. Personally, I thought the Individual Odyssey Map exercise was worth the tuition alone!”

Parent of Summer Classical Studies Participant, 2020

Dr. Koerner
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Majoring/Minoring in Music Workshop Series


In 2019, Blaire created an initiative with Eastman Community Music School and Eastman’s Office of Admissions to present a free workshop series for high school students and their parents around the topics of Majoring and Minoring in Music. These presentations include topics of careers in music, the specific application and audition process, and music financial aid/FAFSA. The goal is to guide students in areas that can be sometimes unfamiliar and demanding. The series is to be held annually in downtown Rochester, but also live-streamed so that any student can have access to this information.

"Throughout the entire time in Career class, I never thought I would learn as much as I actually did learn. Before we stared, I thought this would be the most boring class, I'm sorry but I have to be honest. I was so excited for all the performance classes and theory and whatnot that I kinda overlooked this class. I was wrong. Very wrong. I had so much doubt about my future: applying to university, during university and after; I did not know there was so much stuff that I could do! This really helped calm me in a way that my opportunities in the future were not as limited as I thought it was."

Summer Classical Studies Participant, 2020