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As the Assistant Director of the Institute for Music Leadership, at the Eastman School of Music, Dr. Koerner guides young artists on creating successful and fulfilling careers in the arts. Through curriculum development and 1-on-1 guidance, she supports musicians as they pursue their personal and professional goals.


Outside of Eastman, Dr. Koerner has been invited to present on topics such as majoring & minoring in music, networking, drafting application materials, and discovering career options. Higher education institutions where she has presented include The College of New Jersey, University of Oregon and Florida State University.  In addition, she has been invited to speak at summer programs and festivals including Imani Winds Chamber Music Festival, and Eastman Community Music School Summer Classical Studies Camp.

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Summer Classical Studies Participant

“Thank you so much for all of your instruction, Dr. Koerner! I have really loved your classes and how efficiently you covered such a broad subject. I have a much clearer idea now as to how to prepare for the future and what to expect, and I am very grateful to you for all of your responses to my questions.”

Eastman Student, D.M.A in Performance Literature, Piano

“I have worked with Blaire Koerner many times over the past twelve months, and while I have progressively fine-tuned my job application materials since the beginning, I am always amazed that her insight and constructive criticism never runs dry. She makes me feel confident with my submissions because she knows the field and how we measure up on paper. I’ve recommended Dr. Koerner to my fellow classmates because she is one of the best-kept secrets at Eastman, and one that I hope doesn’t remain a secret.” 

Eastman Student, B.A. in Applied Music, Violin

"One of the wisest and most fruitful resources the IML is Dr. Blaire Koerner. I’ve brought in CV’s, resumes (for a mix of different opportunities), writing prompts and cover letters, and she always has at least 10 ideas on how to improve, focus, and clean up my materials. I worry less about the opportunity I’m applying for knowing that my documents are the best they can be!"

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